2017 Fraternal Benefit Society Disaster Relief Efforts

Fraternal benefit societies are community life insurers. To provide a snapshot of the great work being done by fraternal benefit societies in communities across this nation, let’s take a look at the response that the fraternal sector has mounted to the recent natural disasters including wildfires, earthquakes and the devastation caused by hurricanes to the states of Texas, Florida and the territory of Puerto Rico affecting millions of American families. Since September 1, 2017 fraternal benefit societies and their members have:

  • Raised more than $10,166,381 for the American Red Cross and other relief agencies.
  • Volunteered roughly 5,371 people involved in clean-up efforts, organizing fundraisers and collecting supplies to aid people affected by the hurricanes.
  • Donated more than $2,000,000 in contributions of food and supplies.

Fraternal benefit societies serve as a not-for-profit safety net for families and communities by providing financial and retirement security through life insurance, retirement plans and annuities and reinvesting profits back into communities.