About Fraternals

Founded in 1886, the American Fraternal Alliance is the recognized leader in the fraternal benefit system. The organization provides an opportunity for each of its 70 member-societies and 32 state fraternal congresses to work together to meet the challenges of a changing world. Membership in the American Fraternal Alliance is open to any Fraternal Benefit Society that meets the American Fraternal Alliance’s established Membership Standards and agrees to follow the business principles and ethics as prescribed by the association.

The American Fraternal Alliance works toward the following values:

  • The Alliance values the fraternal model: Fraternal insurers provide a successful, stable, and member-focused organizational structure that provides valuable benefits to members; cost effective financial and volunteer support to individuals, organizations, and communities who need it most; and a distinct and important alternative to the commercial life insurance marketplace.
  • The Alliance values member involvement and interaction: The fraternal industry and this Alliance cannot achieve their potential without the active involvement of competent and committed volunteers. The Alliance is committed to providing its member society staff and volunteer leadership with opportunities to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships through knowledge sharing and common experiences.
  • The Alliance values collaboration with industry, public policymakers, and non-profit community service organizations: Whenever possible, the Alliance seeks to work with organizations representing the financial services industry, state and federal public policymakers, and non-profit community service organizations to achieve common goals.
  • The Alliance values highly effective and efficient operations: The Alliance strives to make membership in the organization cost-effective and valuable to all sizes of fraternal societies by combining a high quality staff, proven technology, and a focused and issue-oriented approach to advocacy and public policy initiatives, with a funding philosophy that relies on dues and non-dues sources of revenue.
  • The Alliance values fairness and opportunity in governance: The Alliance Board and its committees are open to and composed of individuals from societies that accurately represent the diversity of the Alliance. Every Board and committee member has an equal voice.

Under the leadership of the President & CEO and the Board of Directors, theĀ American Fraternal Alliance staff provides daily support to its members, oversees the development of various initiatives and programs to benefit the system and maintains close contact with the regulators and legislators whose actions affect all fraternal benefit societies. American Fraternal Alliance staff members monitor issues important to fraternal benefit societies and work to provide a better operating environment for its membership.