Milestones in History


1886 National Fraternal Congress (NFC) founded.
1912 New York Conference Bill created
1913 A rival group, the Associated Fraternities of America, merges with NFC to become National Fraternal Congress of America (NFCA.)
1925 First woman president of NFCA elected (Bina West, Women’s Benefit Association)
1925 NFCA opens first national headquarters in Stock Exchange Building, Chicago.
1930 No fraternal benefit society fails during the post-stock market crash depression.
1935 First full-time NFCA manager hired.
1948 Fraternalists lead the way for a new type of insurance, a policy for children, by sponsoring the Juvenile Bill.
1952 NFCA passes resolution amending Pledge of Allegience with “Under God.”
1955 Model Uniform Code proposed by NFCA Law Committee and NAIC.
1985 NFCA adopts motto and logo “Joining Hands to Touch Lives.”
1985 NFCA headquarters moves from Wacker Drive in Chicago to Naperville, IL.
1986 Centenniel Annual Meeting celebrated in Washington, D.C.
1990 NFCA adopts Habitat for Humanity International as national cause partners.
1991 Plaque honoring NFCA member-societies’ contributions to Ellis Island restoration unveiled on Flag Day.
1998 NFCA launches its Web site.
2000 JOIN HANDS DAY launched.
2000 Fraternal societies complete 3,500th Habitat home.
2001 NFCA changes constitution to create new officer structure.
2004 NFCA headquarters moves to Oak Brook, IL.
2004 Fraternalists-in-Action public awareness program launched.
2011 NFCA becomes American Fraternal Alliance