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Grassroots activism at its finest

When Senator Arlen Specter addressed the Commonwealth Club on December 13, 2008, he was not thinking about fraternal benefit societies.  His remarks included several inappropriate Polish jokes which immediately hit the blogosphere, newspapers, and television...

May 28, 2009
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A Meeting of True Believers

I attended a meeting of “true believers” last week in Nashville.  And it wasn’t the Annual Conference Apostolic Ministers that was meeting just a few doors down from the event in which I participated.

No, the...

May 12, 2009
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Faces of fraternalism

Earlier this week, I talked about the importance of cultivating "faces" of fraternalism – i.e., our fraternal stories are best told by those who live them.  Will policymakers know who we are the next time...

May 07, 2009
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The Specter Switcheroo…

After the latest polling numbers indicated that he was trailing his arch-conservative primary opponent by 14 points (up from a 10 point spread just two weeks ago), long-time GOP Senator Arlen Specter discovered his “inner-Democrat”...

April 29, 2009
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