Brain Dates

2018 Spring Symposium Brain Dates

May 23, 2018 | 3:30 – 4:30 pm in Guggenheim 2/3

Brain dates – a new way to connect! Have meaningful conversations right away at the Spring Symposium. Brain dates are small group (no more than three people) learning meetings with fellow attendees on a range of topics based on your needs and what you are looking to learn.

Uncover the untapped potential of peers and colleagues old and new as you share your experience or expertise, learn or share something new, and connect for meaningful peer learning.


Book your Brain Dates!

Set up your brain dates before you arrive through a simple online sign up. Need to change plans or check back in to see what you scheduled? No problem! This sign up will be available on the Spring Symposium landing page right up until the event.

It’s simple:

  • Click here to sign up
  • Explore the topic market –
    • There are three time slots – you can sign up for up to three brain dates
    • Put your name down under an existing topic or pick something you want to learn and create your own topic.
  • Note your table number and meet your brain date on site at that table

Need help? Contact Taylor Conrad at