Donations and Foundations: Is Your Society Using the Appropriate Financial Model?

When should a fraternal utilize a foundation structure and what are other appropriate ways to handle donations? Foundations offer your society an effective way to attract donors to support your mission in a way that makes sense for both the donor and your accounting department. Join the Alliance and experts from Associate Member RSM US LLP for a moderated conversation on everything you need to know about creating and efficiently operating a foundation. Learn the major benefits to your society and how foundations can be a vehicle for enhancing your fraternal philanthropic giving.

Plus, learn a simple way to boost your society’s online giving!


  • Susan Davis, Partner, Assurance Services, RSM US LLP
  • James Sweeney, Partner, Tax Exempt Services, National Leaders, RSM US LLP
  • James R. Greisch, Managing Partner, Nebraska Business Unit, National Industry Leader for Insurance, RSM US LLP
  • Jonathan Thayer, Business Sales Specialist, Elavon

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