How Compliance Training Works

Focused on Your ConvenienceHow does First Consulting & Administration deliver this training?

  • Online Training – Training is available for designated staff to take at their convenience, anytime, 24/7, via desktop PCs and laptops.
  • One or Many – Training is available to specific individuals or to entire company departments.
  • Red Flag or Compliance Checklist – everyone taking this training will have access to a convenient Red Flag or Compliance Checklist to keep at their work station.

Recordkeeping for each online training session will be provided so you will have documentation available for inspection by your regulator. Each trainee must score 70% on the course test after the online training to receive their certification of course completion. Copies of the training presentation will also be available for your records.

Note that this online training is expressly intended for employees of insurance companies such as underwriters, call center personnel, claims handlers and other integral personnel. It is not intended for Special Investigative Unit (SIU) members, agents or registered representatives of the insurance company, and will not give continuing education credits. 

First Consulting is an Associate Member of the Alliance.  First Consulting has served the insurance industry since 1969 on a wide range of regulatory and compliance matters for all lines of business. Our Co-Sourcing approach helps us deliver high quality services setting us apart by being flexible, practical and affordable. We can assist with Product Development, Form Drafting, SERFF Filings, Research, Corporate Compliance, ERM, Compliance Training, Advertising Review, Business Expansion (UCAA), TPA Licensing and Renewals. Please contact us for more information about our Co-Sourcing services and discounts available for Alliance members.  Contact CJ Rathbun at