Online Roundtable Discussion First Topic: Helping Your Members Understand and Finance Higher Education

Taking one of the most valuable and highly rated piece of our in-person events and hosting it online – the new Online Roundtable Discussion. We’ll pick a topic important to you, grab a few industry experts to participate, and host a live online discussion with Alliance members, giving you the opportunity to learn from your peers from the convenience of your office. We’ll provide a discussion guide beforehand to get participants thinking and brainstorming about the topic. Login and dial in, listen and participate in the conversation, and watch as the discussion is generated on your screen. At the end, you’ll be sent a recording and a hard copy of the conversation and we’ll ask for your input on topics for next time.

Our first Online Roundtable Discussion topic: Helping Your Members Understand and Finance Higher Education.
We will discuss:

  • Educating your members: Existing fraternal programs tied to higher education; how to teach your members about important higher education issues like the financial aid process, applying for loans and grants, filling out the FAFSA and more
  • Trending Industry Programs: Student loan repayment assistance Emergency grant programs Academic advising and degree planning
  • Your questions about scholarship programs
  • Any other questions related to helping your members understand and finance higher education

Industry Experts Ready on the Sidelines
Most of the discussion will be between Alliance members, but we will have the following industry experts on the discussion to help moderate, keep the conversation moving, and provide valuable industry insights:

Marcy Musselman, Counseling & Call Center Manager, askFinancial Wellness
Bud Schaitberger, President, askFinancial Wellness
Eric Wilner, Director of New Business Development, Scholarship America

Discussion Guide Transcript