Proposed Alternative Membership Dues Formula

Join the Alliance for this informative webinar on the proposed alternative membership dues formula. The revisions are intended to make the methodology for calculating dues fairer to all members, easier to understand, and more durable to mitigate the need for future adjustments.

The Alliance Board of Directors believes that an ideal dues formula should meet the following criteria:

  • Be fair to all members;
  • Reflect the value of the services provided to members;
  • Be transparent and understandable to all members;
  • Provide adequate financial resources for the organization to accomplish the objectives in its strategic plan;
  • Be enduring, so that the formula does not have to be frequently reviewed and revised.

During the webinar, you will learn more about the rationale for considering alternative formulas from the Alliance’s Chair of the Board, Pat Dees, and Alliance President and CEO, Joe Annotti.

Additional Materials:

PowerPoint Slides