Our Mission

Mission: JOIN HANDS DAY will measurably increase understanding and rapport between a growing number of young people and adults who participate in the day’s local projects, and other activities and events that follow.

Concept: JOIN HANDS DAY is the only national day of service that specifically targets and develops 
relationships between young people and adults through neighborhood volunteering. Young people 
and adults work together on an equal basis to plan, organize and implement the day’s activities.

Importance: Today, the separation between the ages is more predominant than ever before. The old are isolated from the young and lack opportunities for building cross-generational relationships in their day-to-day lives.Young children are placed in age-segregated child care and pre-school settings. Most adults work in environments without children or adults past age 65. Older adults move into age-segregated housing. Those in the same household watch television in different rooms. People become comfortable with their peers, and only their peers.

Solution: JOIN HANDS DAY brings young people and adults together, and begins the process of developing understanding and trust across the generations. It is a day to begin a year-round process of relationship building.

Vision: JOIN HANDS DAY will be known and practiced by a variety of groups, organizations, and businesses 
in every community in America. Young people and adults will replace false impressions and stereotypes 
with the truth about each other. Together, they will build a community of support for healthy cross-generational relationships. This will improve life in neighborhoods, and increase optimism about the future.