Governance Tools

How Does Your Society Compare to Others?  New Alliance Governance Tools Help You Assess and Modernize

Use these tools to assist your society’s board governance.  Click on the links below for more information and to order.

Boot Camp Modules
Designed for use during quarterly fraternal society board meetings.  Unlimited availability offering ongoing, repeated training to reinforce good governance practices.

Alliance/BoardSource Self AssessmentClick here to contact Allison Koppel for pricing.
Governance is demanding. Your board works hard to ensure your organization is well-run, sustainable, and true to mission. But are you focusing on the right things? How can you find out?  The Alliance/BoardSource Self-Assessment allows you to shift your focus from routine governance matters and candidly reflect on how well the board is meeting its governance responsibilities.  Customized by the Alliance for fraternals, who have added questions about understanding life insurance and annuity issues and the regulatory environment, this tool will assist your board in improving its performance and better defining its roles and responsibilities.

Governance Survey Results & Best Practices
The results from 40 survey questions on fraternal governance practices are illustrated in graph form, by asset class, with expert opinions provided by fraternal and non-profit governance experts.  Use this 75-page report to help demonstrate to your board members what areas might need improvement and how common practices may not always be best practices.  (CD ROM included.)

Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren Policies & Procedures Toolkit
Customize these 17 policies and procedures to help streamline and enhance your governance processes.  Developing these at your society is the first step.