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Presidents, Secretaries, and HR Sections Mid-Year Meetings

Click on the link above to listen to podcasts recorded at the 2011 Presidents, Secretaries, and HR Sections Mid-Year Meetings in Washington, D.C.

2011 Congressional Outlook

There’s been a lot of talk about the federal budget deficit and what it means for various constituencies – but what about fraternals?

For the past year, the lobbying team of McBee Strategic Consulting has represented the fraternal system on Capitol Hill.  They’ve secured meetings for fraternal executives and key lawmakers and are helping build the fraternal brand in D.C.

Listen in on this feature podcast as American Fraternal Alliance President & CEO Joseph J. Annotti chats with Jenn Fogel-Bublick and Gabe Horwitz, both from McBee Strategic, about what to expect from Congress in 2011 and what you can do to ensure that the fraternal tax exemption stays intact.  Click on the link above to listen.

ICMG Annual Meeting Interviews

The Inter-Company Marketing Group (ICMG) Annual Meeting is a virtual “connect fest,” bringing all types of life insurers together with a variety of vendors that service the industry.  More and more fraternals attend – and find value – in this meeting every year.  The Alliance is also represented at the meeting and conducts an event for its members and associate members.  Click on the link above to listen to Alliance Executive Vice President Allison Koppel’s interviews with ICMG attendees.

The Fraternal Alliance Agents and Executive Risk Insurance Program – What You May Not Know

American Fraternal Alliance President and CEO Joseph J. Annotti interviews Michele Gerace of Calsurance and discovers a variety of reasons why fraternals need to become part of this valuable and very competitive program.  Use the Agents Errors and Omissions coverage to recruit and retain captive and independent agents.  Make sure your directors are adequately covered through this essential program.  Learn more about Calsurance’s intimate knowledge of the fraternal system and dedication to obtaining affordable and proper coverage.  Listen in!

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