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Learn about the Alliance’s new online tool to help its members collect volunteer activity from their chapters. This FREE webinar is offered on your choice of dates: January 23 or January 28, 2014.

2014 Fraternal Volunteer Institute

The American Fraternal Alliance is pleased to introduce a brand new educational offering designed to develop both volunteer leaders and fraternal staff. Besides the all-day workshop on June 2, the Institute includes two webinars, on March 25 and October 9.


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IT Managed Services and Cloud Computing: Change the Way You Look at Technology and Support - September 26, 2013

With increasing regulatory scrutiny, rapid advances in technology, and a shortage of talented IT personnel, many insurers are evaluating the benefits of IT managed services and cloud computing. IT managed services can be a cost effective way to help you ensure the necessary levels of system availability, network monitoring and maintenance, as well as data security, while giving you access to specialists you would not otherwise have access to. And, organizations utilizing a managed services model, or that have migrated to the cloud, are benefiting from sophisticated business processes that previously were only available to larger organizations. This webinar provides an overview of the managed services model and cloud computing:  pros and cons, lessons learned from organizations that have started transitioning to managed services, cloud computing, or both.

Presenter:  Aaron Donaldson is a principal in McGladrey’s Technology Consulting practice. He leads McGladrey’s Managed Services division and, in 2010, Aaron and McGladrey were recognized by MSPMentor as a Top250 MSP (Managed Service Provider) individual and again by CRN magazine as a Most Innovative MSP. 

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FREE Unclaimed Property 2013 Webinar – First Quarter Update - January 24
Matt Murphy, of The Berwyn Group, Inc., provides an update about those states that have adopted life insurance benefits and policy identification regulations in 2012, and his insights into those states that will be enacting them in 2013. Barbara Blick and Cornel Lupu, of Keane Unclaimed Property, provide a general overview of how to prepare for an unclaimed property audit. The information they will provide is useful, even if your society never has to undergo an unclaimed property audit.

Presenters: Barbara Blick, Vice President, Keane; Cornel Lupu, Manager, National Consulting & Advisory Services Group, Keane; Matt Murphy, Director of Marketing and Sales, The Berwyn Group, Inc.

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FREE WEBINAR: FAQs of Alliance Membership – December 6, 2012
More.  Better.  Faster.  We live in an “on demand” world and the Alliance is committed to exceeding your expectations when it comes to providing the advocacy, information, and education you need to excel in an incredibly competitive and complex business. During this webinar, learn about exciting new services and programs that will help your society thrive and how to get the most out of your membership.
Q1: What is Compliance Plus and Why Will It Be Provided to All Societies in 2013?
Q2: What is the Goal of the Congressional Resolution and How Can I Help the Effort?
Q3: What’s Exciting About the Mid-Year Meeting Schedule?
Q4: How Are You Going to Top the 2012 Annual Meeting
Q5: Why Does the Alliance Offer Insurance to Us and How Good is the Program?
Q6: What Else Can I Expect in 2013?

Presenters:  Joseph Gadbois, Alliance Chair; Joe Annotti, Alliance President and CEO; Allison Koppel, Alliance Executive Vice President; Melanie Hinds, Alliance Director of Public Policy; Kathy Brost, Compliance Specialist, Brost Law Offices.

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FREE Alliance Teleconference: Post Election Update: How Fraternals Will Be Impacted by the Outcome
Learn how the results of the presidential and congressional elections will affect not only the balance of political power in the nation, but also how they might impact tax reform debate and the investment markets – issues critical to the success of fraternal life insurers. The tax exemption and other tax issues affecting life insurers will be on the 2013 congressional agenda. We’ll also discuss the election’s impact on the Alliance’s Congressional Resolution. Did our champions get reelected? Are there new members of the House of Representatives that may sign-on as a co-sponsor?

Presenters: Jenn Fogel-Bublick, Executive Vice President and Charles Cooper, Executive Vice President, McBee Strategic.

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FREE Alliance Compliance Teleconference: New York Emergency Regulation 200… Coming to a State Near You!
Listen to this teleconference to get an overview of the New York Department of Financial Services’ Insurance Regulation 200. Find out what applies to fraternals; how to comply with the regulation; how to best prepare your data for matching; and clarification on the 150-day grace period. You’ll also learn about other states that may be considering similar regulation, and how the Alliance/Berwyn Group partnership can provide you with a cost-effective way to comply with NY Regulation 200 and other impending regulations.

Presenter: Matthew Murphy, Director of Marketing and Sales, Berwyn Group, Inc.; Moderator: Allison Koppel, Executive Vice President, American Fraternal Alliance

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Opportunities in a Low Interest Rate Environment:  Enhancing Surplus and Reducing Risk
This webinar will focus on the unique opportunities currently available in the low interest rate environment to improve surplus and reduce risk. One opportunity is the ability to clean up the watch list of the insurer while assisting surplus and risk-based capital (RBC). As part of the presentation a review of Asset Valuation Reserve (AVR) and the asset concentration factors of RBC will be provided. Also included will be a discussion of the decreasing discrepancy between the reserve objective of AVR and the maximum reserve as NAIC ratings fall.

Presenters: Theron Holladay, Parkway Advisors L.P.; Kirk Gravely, Bailey, Ramsey and Associates, Inc.; Tom Pyle, Bailey, Ramsey and Associates, Inc.;  and Moderator: Joe Annotti, American Fraternal Alliance

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Working it on the Web
This Webinar will take you through two societies’ journeys from a passive Web presence to an interactive experience for members and potential members alike. You’ll walk away with information that will allow you to assess your society’s Web footprint and ideas that will pull customers in with solid messages and effective online presence, including social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Presenters: Jim Eisenbeck, NetEffect Services; Bill Seaver, MicroExplosion Media; Joseph Evanish, Slovene National Benefit Society (SNPJ); Jay Sedmak, Slovene National Benefit Society (SNPJ); and Erik Evans, Sons of Norway

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FREE Teleconference
Alliance Agent Errors & Omissions Coverage: 2011 Wrap Up & Outlook for 2012
During this teleconference, you will learn:

  • An overview of the Alliance program’s coverage
  • What vicarious liability is and if your coverage includes it
  • Gaps exist in coverage how to prepare for them
  • Who has access to your program: exclusive vs. non exclusive options
  • Mandatory vs. voluntary options
  • Case studies on what can happen without the right coverage
  • Using the program as an agent recruitment tool
  • Exciting news: 2012 rates will be announced!
  • The renewal process

Presenter: Michele K. Gerace, Esq., Vice President/Account Executive, Brown & Brown of California, Inc. dba CalSurance Associates; Moderator: Joseph J. Annotti, President & CEO, American Fraternal Alliance

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The Renegade Lodge: Issues and Solutions for Difficult Situations
In this webinar, Alliance-retained counsel Todd Martin will provide interesting case studies on recent lodge situations, some of which have resulted in litigation between the society, the lodge, and lodge members.  Todd – and other fraternal leaders – will address possible challenges with renegade lodges and practical solutions to help avoid issues and to increase the likelihood of success for the society if a dispute should arise.

Presenter: Todd W. Martin, American Fraternal Alliance Retained Counsel, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren, s.c.

Please contact Allison Koppel, Executive Vice President, if you would like to obtain the web link to this recording, as it includes a registration replay fee.