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Members Evaluate the Spring Symposium...

June 10, 2019

The Alliance held its first Spring Symposium operating under our new business model and the feedback from members attending the event was overwhelmingly positive and incredibly valuable as we begin work to make next year’s conference even better.  Here’s a quick look at the evaluations and how we plan to use them…

  • Almost one-third of attendees completed evaluation forms which is a terrific result.  Members were eager to share their thoughts with us and work together to make our education and networking events more responsive to their needs.  Thank you, members!
  • 85% of respondents rated the Symposium as either “excellent” (50%) or “very good” (35%).  Our goal is to have at least 75% of members check those “top two” levels.  Because we exceeded that goal, it tells us we’re hitting the mark as far as program content and format are concerned.
  • The program featured 15 breakout sessions in three separate tracks – Governance, Growth, and Communication & Community Service ­– plus roundtable sessions and networking events.  Interestingly, almost 80% of respondents said they “crossed over” and attended in sessions in other tracks.  Another sign that members like diversity in our education offerings, and we are glad to offer that to you.
  • Here’s the real kicker, every single breakout session received votes for “favorite session.”  The top vote getters were sessions on “Modifying Conventions,” “Benchmarking Member Engagement,” “Recruiting Better Board Members,” and “Strategic Planning.”  But the fact that each session was rated by at least a few attendees means that the program had a little something for everyone.
  • What you liked (a sample of comments to open-ended questions on the evaluation form):
    • Excellent workshops; great networking; good mix of topics.
    • After-conference networking gives me a chance to extend discussion on a topic addressed earlier in the day.
    • Affirming that we are on the right track in our effort to streamline our governance!
    • Panelists were knowledgeable and provided useful tips that we can apply to our society.
    • Relevant content; great format; right size conference.
    • Great selection of vendors.
    • I experience an epiphany!
  • Areas for improvement:
    • Need at least one general session speaker.
    • Invite speakers from other industries with similar challenges – branding, customer outreach, etc.
    • More sessions addressing current topics: tax exemption, surviving in a low interest rate environment, annuity suitability.
    • More small society representatives on the panels.

So, we’ve celebrated our success for 15 minutes and now we’re on to making the 2020 event even better.  After three years in Rosemont, we’ll be moving the meeting to the Westin Indianapolis in 2020.  Make sure to put these dates on your calendar…May 26-28, 2020.

Thanks to all those who helped make the 2019 Spring Symposium a huge success – especially the supportive sponsors and the members that attended and provided us with the positive and useful feedback! 

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