Teleconference & Web Event Discounts

The American Fraternal Alliance has partnered with ReadyTalk—provider of all the Fraternals’ highly-rated Webinars and internal and external teleconferences—to offer member-societies and their lodges discounted teleconference and Web conferencing fees.

For your society’s
Board Meetings * Lodge Leader Calls
Volunteer Education * Fraternal Event Planning Calls

Please compare these rates to what your society is currently paying and consider switching to this dependable and helpful program partner.

Fraternals Program Rates

Reservationless Teleconferencing Services

  • Reservationless capacity 96 or 150 participants: $.06/min/participant
  • Recording .07/min
  • Archive Hosting: .20/min/month
  • International Teleconferencing: high volume rates (determined by country and availability)

Premium Operator Assisted/Large Event Teleconferencing

  • Large Events (over 150 participants) .12/min/participant
  • Premium Operator Assisted: .21/min/participant

ReadyTalk’s Operator Assisted service is a reserved, fully managed teleconferencing service that offers (upon request) greetings, managed Q&A, scripted announcements, full audio control, recording, privacy and exit management services.
Web Conferencing:

- ReadyTalk Web Conferencing:

  • Fraternals lodges/members: “metered” .11/min/participant
  • Fraternals lodges/members: “license” $39/mo (15 user license;
    .12/min for overages)
  • Fraternals lodges/members: “enterprise” rates based on monthly

- Slides mode (capacity 2000)
- Application Sharing (capacity 300 participants)
- Conference Center Registration and Invitation tools
- Recording, archiving, chat, co-presenter, access granting, editing, notification, Podcasting, and notification features all included.

For more details, please contact:

Scott Roosa
Direct Line: 303.209.1608
1598 Wynkoop Street
Denver, CO 80202