Member Services

Agents Errors & Omissions Coverage

Broker: CalSurance Associates
Insurance Carrier: Zurich American Insurance Company

2018 Rates:
Exclusive – $1M: FT $378; $2M: FT $558
Non-Exclusive – $1M: FT $467; $2M: FT $626

Mandatory (society mandates that the agent uses Alliance program)
Exclusive – $1M: FT $324; $2M: FT $482
Non-Exclusive – $1M: FT $374; $2M: FT $535

Limits of Liability:
$1,000,000 Each Claim; $1,000,000 Aggregate each Agent
– OR – $2,000,000 Each Claim; $2,000,000 Aggregate each Agent


  • $500 Each claim involving products (Damages Only) of sponsoring society
  • $1,000 Each claim involving outside products
  • Independent or captive agents (FT)
  • Competitive rates
  • Mandatory or voluntary participation
  • No cost to sponsoring society
  • Premium collection options

What does this policy insure?
Generally, the E&O policy provides protection for defense costs and damages arising from claims made against an Agent for any negligent act, error or omission in the performance of Professional Services.

Who is covered under the policy?
Agents, plus any corporation, partnership or other business entity which engages in Professional Services and is either owned or controlled by the Agent.

Any unlicensed employee or licensed administrative assistant employed by and acting on behalf of the Agent. The sponsoring society, for vicarious liability.

 What professional services are covered?
The sale and/or servicing of:
  • Life insurance, accident and health, fixed annuities and disability income insurance
  • Variable insurance and annuities
  • Employee Benefit Plans
  • Mutual funds and securities (available for additional premium charge).

For more information, please contact:
Michele K. Gerace, Esq.
Vice President/Account Executive
CalSurance Associates
A Division of Brown & Brown
Program Insurance Services, Inc.
Tel: (201) 526-4628
Fax: (714) 367-7757

Management Liability Protection

Common Claim Allegations:
  • Mismanagement of operations or organization assets
  • Self-dealing and conflicts of interest
  • Acts beyond authority granted in by-laws
  • Violation of state and federal laws
  • Breach of fiduciary duties
  • Employment Practices

Management Liability Insurance

  • Directors, Officers and Organization
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Fiduciary Liability
  • Outside Directorship Liability
  • Fidelity & Crime Insurance

Who is Covered?

  • The insured organization
  • Subsidiaries of the parent company (more than 50% ownership) Past, present and future executives and employees (does not include independent contractors)
  • Spousal and domestic partner
  • Can include in-house counsel and members of advisory committees.
Definition of Claim
  • Written demand for money or non-monetary relief
  • Civil and criminal proceedings
  • Administrative or regulatory proceedings
  • Written requests to toll or waive statute of limitations

Employment practices (most common claim for non-profit organizations)

Covered Wrongful Acts

Wrongful Act, including 1) error, misstatement, misleading statement, act, omission, neglect, breach of duty, and 2) against an insured person, must be acting in their capacity as such.

What Will the Policy Pay?

Judgments, settlements, and defense costs, including front pay, back pay (EPL) Damages, including punitive, exemplary and multiplied damages Excise Benefit Tax (fiduciary liability coverage)

Outside Directorship Liability

Generally limited to not-for profit boards at request or consent of society Not-for profit usually limited to 501(c)3.

For more information, please contact:
Michele K. Gerace, Esq.
Vice President/Account Executive
CalSurance Associates
A Division of Brown & Brown
Program Insurance Services, Inc.
Tel: (201) 526-4628
Fax: (714) 367-7757

NAMIC Shared Services Agreement

In January 2015, the American Fraternal Alliance and National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies signed a shared services agreement that makes available to Alliance member societies several valuable programs and services. “This agreement will deliver immediate benefits to Alliance members by providing access to several of NAMIC’s outstanding member services programs,” said Joseph J. Annotti, president and CEO of the American Fraternal Alliance.  “We also believe it will result in long-term benefits to both organizations by fostering opportunities for NAMIC and Alliance members, who share similar values and cultures, to come together to create new member benefits that strengthen the fraternal and mutual insurance company models.”

Please contact Allison Koppel at or (630)522-6322 x121 for more information.

NAMIC Web Services – website, graphic design, hosting, custom programming and related electronic and marketing support services.

What year was your society’s web site designed?  Chances are, it needs a facelift.  Check out the extremely affordable rates that the Alliance/NAMIC agreement offers.  Your society can have a whole new look and your staff can choose to make periodic updates or you can hire NAMIC to handle that for you.  Agent portals and other features are available.  NAMIC Web Services is staffed by tech professionals who understand your insurance business and are always reachable…no more fly-by-night vendors!

The Mutual Career Center for American Fraternal Alliance Members
Alliance members wishing to post jobs on The Mutual Career Center may do as “non-members”, and may obtain special pricing by using the Promo Codes below.

To use this service, Alliance members need to follow these steps:

Create an account on the NAMIC website ( as a non-member.

  1. Login to the NAMIC website, and click the link for The Mutual Career Center link to visit the career site.
  2. The Mutual Career Center allows a logged-in user to act as an Employer or a Job Seeker.  Select the desired role for this visit by clicking ‘Employers? Sign-In and More’.
  3. Click ‘Post a Job’, and follow the prompts to enter title, job description, requirements, education, and categories.
  4. A promo code must be entered at the time of checkout in order to receive the special pricing.  If not entered, standard non-NAMIC member pricing will be automatically applied.

Have Questions?  Need Assistance?

For help using The Mutual Career Center, contact Amber Walters at NAMIC ( or 1-800-336-2642.

Package NAMIC Member Price Non-Member Price Special Alliance Member Price Promo Code for Alliance Members
Single 30-day Online Job Posting $250 $350 $300 AFAZ93
Three 30-day Online Job Postings $675 $975 $825 AFAQW7
Five 30-day Online Job Postings $995 $1,495 $1,245 AFAXP4
Ten 30-day Online Job Postings $1,895 $2,795 $2,345 AFAH3U

Directors’ Education – in-person and virtual educational experiences for mutual/fraternal company directors.  Check out NAMIC’s line-up of excellent programming here and explore what you, your staff and your board members can attend.

NAMIC is the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies – the largest property/casualty insurance trade association with 1,400 property/casualty insurance companies serving more than 135 million auto, home, and business policyholders writing more than $196 billion in premiums. NAMIC member companies have 50 percent of the automobile/homeowners market and 31 percent of the business insurance market.  For more than 117 years NAMIC has been serving in the best interests of mutual insurance companies – large and small – across the nation as well as in Canada.   It is headquartered in Indianapolis, and has an office in Washington, D.C. 

Strohm Ballweg

Annual Financial Analysis

For a moderate fee, Associate Member Strohm Ballweg can create a detailed analysis designed to calculate and evaluate a society’s results for five relevant financial ratios. The analysis also compares financial ratios to a fraternal benefit society benchmark and a commercial life insurer benchmark. The objective of this analysis is to provide members with objective and impartial information to better understand your society’s financial condition, identify areas of strengths and weaknesses, and take the steps necessary to enhance the fiscal health of your organization.  For questions on this analysis, please contact

This membership benefit is sponsored by Associate Member Strohm Ballweg.  Thank you to our dedicated partner who understands fraternals and is eager to serve the membership.

Services include: Website design, graphic and logo design work, website hosting and analytics, social media consultation and support (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), electronic newsletters and other e-mail communications, and online payment processing services.

To learn more about how NWS can help address your website challenges and help your organization achieve its mission, visit or contact at 317-876-4274.