The prognosis for a full recovery is good…

My wife and I got back from New York City late last night. We were there to babysit our two-month old twin grandchildren for four days while our son and daughter-in-law attended a wedding in Washington, D.C.

I learned many lessons during that time, the most important of which is that the Creator designed things so that you have children when you’re young.

The doctor said the comatose-like symptoms would pass in a week or so, but during that time we are not to operate heavy machinery, and we should avoid any loud noises or sharp objects.

Look for a more traditional post next week.

P.S. This photo shows the one time during the four days when both were asleep at the same time!




  1. Debra and my youngest daughter is expecting twins this December. What a different experience even at this stage. You are right, when we stay with the current grandchildren Debra, and I quickly realize why the young have children. But I agree with you, all of the work was well worth it in 45 years of marriage to help the next generation. Look forward to sharing “twin” stories with you in the future!

    Harry Werland, CPA
    Vice President of Finance and CFO
    Hermann Sons Life

  2. Love it! Be well!

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