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A simple idea, elegantly executed...

May 8, 2017
Last week's post discussed the importance of measuring the impact of your society's "social good" and offered a methodology for doing so developed by Cynthia Tidwell and her team at Royal Neighbors of America (RNA). I've received several inquiries from fraternal leaders about the RNA formula and have connected them to the folks at that society who are more than willing to discuss how they apply it to their outreach efforts. But before you measure what you do, you actually have to do it. That means getting members aware of and engaged in the grassroots volunteer networks that do the good works and set us apart from all other financial service providers. Kevin Marti of Gleaner Life Association shared with me his society's latest tool in that effort -- an invitation to join an Arbor that is sent to every new member. It's one of those "simply brilliant" ideas; ones that seem so obvious we wonder why we didn't think of them ourselves. According to Kevin, the society has already noticed an uptick in new member interest in community service activities, and he and his community service staff are confident that this will translate into more and better volunteerism projects. What's your society doing to make members – new and old – aware of the "fraternal difference" and engaged in community service event? Share those great ideas with your peers by posting a comment here or send a private email to me at jannotti@fraternalalliance.org and I'll spread the word through a future post.