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200 posts, 7 Lessons Learned, and Many More Topics to Discuss with You

March 28, 2012
That’s right, folks. You’re reading my 200th blog post. And they said it wouldn’t last… So what have I learned over the first 200 posts? Let me count the lessons: 1)   Be careful what you wish for – Writing these posts is harder than I thought it would be. 2)   An expert blogger told me early on in the process that the secret to a successful blog is “E-I-E-I-O” – Entertaining, Informative, Enlightening, Inspiring, and Outrageous. He was right. Accomplishing that, however, is easier said than done. 3)   Short and punchy beats long-winded every time – I know you know that. I’m still trying to overcome my love for impassioned soliloquies (especially my own)… 4)   Keep it personal – Readers post few, if any, comments on the big issues, but ask for their favorite movie quote or the words they live by and folks come out of the woodwork to share their personal stories. I just love that… 5)   It’s not official – Readers perceive the blog as an informal communication, not an official one. That’s why the Alliance will always issue more formal Bulletins on actions taken by the Board or critical regulatory issues, even if those same topics are discussed in this blog. 6)   You like it; you really, really like it! – Our measurement tracking shows that a lot of folks are taking the time to open (and presumably read) the blog, and I get great feedback from members wherever I go. I especially like it when they tell me that they don’t always agree with my views, but they still read the posts. How’s that old cliché go? If two people agree on everything, then one of them is unnecessary. My favorite comment came from a technology-challenged individual who told me he “loved my blob.” 7)   Always something to say and always room to improve – Sure, sometimes writing these posts is a chore, but it’s certainly not because there’s nothing to discuss. And, believe me, I listen to your suggestions for ways to make the blog better. So don’t hesitate to let me know what you think. You can start by posting a comment right here…