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2013 - The Year of Inspirational Leadership

November 28, 2012
There's still one month left in 2012, but I'm already excited about the coming year. The Alliance staff and Board are committed to making 2013 a year of inspirational leadership for fraternals. We're going to start by offering a new member benefit - Compliance PLUS - to help fraternals manage the increasingly complex regulatory environment in a cost effective way. You can learn more about this by participating in a free Webinar on 12/6/12. We're also going to reintroduce CR #116 and secure 100 co-sponsors for the measure. One of the cornerstones of this effort will be a Fraternal Day on the Hill event held in conjunction with the Presidents Mid-Year Section meeting in early April where society executives will meet with Members of Congress to deliver our inspirational message first-hand. Look for registration materials for this and other Section meetings in mid-January. And we'll cap off the year with another terrific Annual Meeting in September that features two of the most inspirational motivators you've ever heard - John Maxwell and Craig Kielburger. Maxwell's latest book tops the NY Times best selling business book list and Craig was featured on a recent edition of 60 Minutes. We hope all these programs inspire you to renew your membership and join forces with your colleagues to make the fraternal business model a powerful force for good throughout North America.