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Put on your heavenly pants this holiday season

December 20, 2011
I wish I could take credit for the following bit of wisdom, but I am unashamedly borrowing it from an old family friend – Joe Cotchett. Joe is a trial attorney, and a very well-known one at that. What I most love about him is his willingness to stand up for what he believes is right and just. Check out his bio and I think you will understand better why I admire him so much. Joe was profiled in a recent issue of Serra High School’s alumni magazine (he is a generous supporter of the school). It was a beautiful piece, but what most struck me was this statement: “You don’t have a society without a community. That’s why giving back is so important. Our country is struggling right now because people have forgotten how to give back. I can’t be a good lawyer without understanding the community in which I live. There is an old Italian expression: ‘The pants you wear to heaven have no pockets.’ ” Fraternals may be one small part of American society that has not forgotten how to give back. In 2012, let’s all pledge to make our societies more effective communities.  And let’s do even more to motivate our fraternal communities to make an even bigger difference in America. Happy holidays to all. May your pockets be empty and your hearts be full.