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A Match Made in Music Heaven

August 29, 2016
One of the staff’s favorite tasks to do for the Alliance Annual Meeting is to work with societies headquartered in the meeting city to find a worthy charity for our attendees to financially support while we are visiting. Well, for Nashville, we were on our own. So, we all put our research hats on… And hats off to a nameless staffer (thank you, Linda!) who thought it mHAwould be appropriate to help the local musician community. We found the Music Health Alliance whose mission is to provide access to healthcare through services that “protect, direct and connect” music professionals with medical and financial solutions. Can anything be closer to the founding model of your fraternal benefit society?  Taking my place today by providing a video blog (click on the image below) is this great organization’s founder, Tatum Allsep. See you soon, Tatum!greetings_from_nashville_tennessee