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March 21, 2018
  • You’ve probably seen this, but it’s worth sending again. The Department of Labor fiduciary rule has been officially vacated. Here’s the Alliance Bulletin on the issue. The question that remains is who will fill the regulatory void for the most important provision of the DOL rule – the so-called “best interest” standard. We’ve heard positive predictions that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will issue a national standard that will be fair and understandable. But we’re concerned that without one, state regulators could step in and create a crazy quilt of regulation that varies from state-to-state. The issue will be front and center at this weekend’s NAIC meeting. Stay tuned to the Alliance for the latest information on this issue.
  • Mike Belz to enter San Antonio Business Hall of Fame – On Wednesday, April 4, Mike Belz, president and CEO of Catholic Life Insurance, will be inducted into the San Antonio Business Hall of Fame. Mike’s devoted a lifetime to making Catholic Life one of the most successful and respected fraternals in the industry, and to making San Antonio one of the most business friendly communities in the nation. His innovative spirit and entrepreneurial drive makes him a role model for both the fraternal community and for all leaders who want to do well and do good at the same time. Congratulations, Mike!!!
  • And here’s some more good news – Catholic Financial Life was featured in BizTimes for its success in both organic and acquisition-based growth. It’s that type of financial performance that allows CFL to deliver more value to its members and to the communities in which they live and work through both direct financial contributions and, more importantly, by facilitating member engagement in volunteer activities that reflect their common bond and shared values. Well done!
  • Building a brand – We regularly check out members’ websites and have been thrilled by how many fraternals are utilizing the Alliance’s branding materials to build their societies’ brands. Click on the link to see the latest example from Western Fraternal Life. How are you using these materials? Share your approaches with us by posting a comment here. And make sure to note the upcoming branding workshop to be held in Chicago this May.
  • The latest iteration of fraternal relevance? – Leave it to Pittsburgh, home of more fraternals than any other city, to reinvent the concept…
  • Registration for the Spring Symposium is open. I had the chance to interview another one of the sponsors of this event, and we thrilled to have Currin Compliance Services as an Education Sponsor. Check out the interview here.