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Alliance Executive Summit inspires and irritates – just like we hoped it would…

May 16, 2016
This year’s Executive Summit, held last week in Toronto, broke new ground with an emphasis on much more interactive sessions that opened eyes to unforeseen opportunities while forcing fraternal leaders to acknowledge the very real hurdles they have to overcome in order to ensure their organizations’ sustainability. The topics, speakers, and format of the conference (this wasn’t your usual lineup of talking head lectures) inspired many and irked a few. Here are some comments from members and a few photos of the very real networking that went on at the meeting… Executive Summit 09
  • “The ‘Transformational Leadership’ session was enlightening and enjoyable. As a first-timer at this event, my interaction with participants outside the session was key.” Executive Summit3
  • “The focus of the conference was on interaction with peers – which was great.” Executive Summit 8
  • “The ‘Transformational Leadership’ session made me feel uncomfortable. But maybe I needed that.”
  • “The program this year was completely engaging. I’m totally motivated to move forward with some of the ideas I picked up during the sessions.” 20160512_110417
  • “The ‘Transformational Leadership’ speaker was not my cup of tea – but many others seemed to enjoy him.”
  • “Great balance of topics with very accomplished presenters.” 20160512_094557
  • I enjoyed the ‘Transformational Leadership’ speaker’s brutal honesty. Others may not have.”
  • “If we don’t go forward with the branding initiative, we are missing an incredible opportunity.” 20160512_110434
It’s obvious that participants didn’t come to Toronto for a junket or spend two days trying to learn the words to “Kumbaya.” But you’ve come to expect that from the Alliance – an organization dedicated to disruption and innovation in an effort to create a bright and long-lasting future for its members. Congratulations to the Executive Summit Advisory Council for putting together a program that pushed the edge of the envelope and almost certainly ignited fires that will help fraternals attract more members, do more good, and expand our collective footprint in the U.S. and Canada. If you participated in the Executive Summit and would like to add your insights on the event, please post them here…