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Alliance’s Pennsylvania-domiciled members meet with Commissioner…

June 25, 2018
I had the pleasure of leading a group of executives and board members from ten Alliance member societies domiciled in Pennsylvania to a meeting with Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman and Deputy Commissioner Joe DiMemmo last week in Harrisburg, PA. Commissioner Altman had been serving on an interim basis until just two months ago when she was formally confirmed by the State Senate. Deputy Commissioner DiMemmo is the individual within the Insurance Department with primary responsibility for oversight of the state’s extensive fraternal community. Pennsylvania has the largest number of domiciled fraternals in the United States. The purpose of the meeting was to re-introduce ourselves to Commissioner Altman and explain the incredible impact fraternals had in the state. In addition to being home to more fraternals than any other state, Pennsylvania has one of the largest populations of fraternalists with nearly 600,000 members living and working in virtually every Keystone State community. We took the opportunity to show Commissioner Altman that Pennsylvania domiciled members – along with dozens of other societies that operate in the state – not only protect the financial futures of hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania families, but also improve the quality of life in communities across the state through our volunteerism and altruism. The best spokespersons for the fraternal system, of course, are the people that live and breathe it every day. And the Alliance member society representatives that participated in the meeting did a wonderful job of telling their individual society’s story. I had the very easy task of weaving those stories together in a tapestry that demonstrated the collective impact of fraternals in Pennsylvania. It was a terrific team effort. We also had the chance to discuss several regulatory issues important to both the Alliance and state regulators. These included the Alliance-sponsored fraternal solvency legislation we hope to introduce in Pennsylvania next year, the CGAD bill currently making its way through the legislative process in the state house, and the various developments that could affect fraternal RBC ratios. It is through meetings like these that the Alliance makes sure regulators understand who we are, what we do, and how we are different from the other insurers they regulate. Open, honest discussions about the issues that impact fraternals – even if they are sometimes uncomfortable – is one of the cornerstone principles of being an effective advocate. And the Alliance is proud of our efforts to initiate these types of discussions and to include our members in the process of communicating these messages to public policymakers. I welcome your comments on the Alliance’s public policy agenda and your suggestions on ways to improve our efforts to communicate with regulators and legislators. Post your comments here or send them to me in a private email at jannotti@fraternalalliance.org.