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Blog Break

April 8, 2013
capitol-building-picture I’ll be attending the Alliance’s Fraternal Operations and Presidents Mid-Year Meetings in Washington, D.C., through April 9 (where I’m looking forward to seeing many Alliance member society executives), and will then be traveling to Georgia to participate in the National Alliance of Life Companies Spring Meeting (the Alliance has joined forces with the NALC to mount legal and political challenges to the unclaimed property issue), so this is the only post you’ll see this week. Don’t look so happy. I’m sure I’ll gather enough information at these two meetings for at least a dozen posts and will be back at the blog the week of April 15. Thanks to all those folks who commented on my April 1 post – and to the dozen or so individuals who begged us not to post their comments because they realized it was April Fool’s Day AFTER they submitted it. (We, of course, honored those requests.) And thanks, as well, to the several Canadian-domiciled societies who offered us space in their buildings! Talk to you next week…jja