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Blog Break

October 9, 2013
This will be my last posting for a couple of weeks. Not that I've run out of items to write about. You'll be hearing a lot from me in the near future about the "We Day" event I attended yesterday and the potential ways that fraternals can partner with this unique organization to actually "grow younger." yellow rose of Texas   But before that, my wife and I will be driving to Dallas for the wedding of our younger son. Should be quite an event and it will be nice to have an official "Texan" in the family. Following the wedding we're taking a few extra days to wander back to Chicago through Arkansas and Missouri. We've never really explored that part of the country, so any suggestions for places to visit (i.e. "World's Largest Ball of Yarn" attractions) would be appreciated. In the meantime, the Alliance staff will handle these blog postings and I'm hoping I don't meet the fate of Wally Pipp ($5.00 to the first person who can tell me who he is) while I'm away. See you soon...jja