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Consuming the Consumer Research

October 23, 2012
As you know, the Alliance has made a significant investment in research to test the awareness and relevance of the fraternal business model among consumers in our "sweet spot" – 30-55 years old, middle income, children living at home, active members in church or civic groups. We discovered that most consumers have virtually no awareness of fraternals; and that their perceptions of them were often wildly off the mark ("kind of like a college fraternity with more money and less beer"). However, we also learned that when we communicate who we are and what we do in a way that makes sense to these individuals, consumers become downright enamored with the fraternal business model. The Alliance has provided its member societies with detailed reports on the consumer research results, and I've made presentations to more than 15 societies about how best to utilize this important information. In addition, the Alliance has created a video based on the findings to help us communicate the value and validity of the fraternal business model to our key audiences – primarily state and federal public policymakers. I'd like to hear how you are putting the research to work in your societies. Please take a minute to complete the following question. [polldaddy poll=6631729]