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Four great articles on one important topic: strategic planning

January 23, 2018
Having recently completed an extensive strategic planning project with the Alliance Board of Directors – one that resulted in the adoption of an entirely new operating model for the organization – I’ve become a much more avid student of the process. I’ve got my own core beliefs about the common characteristics needed to make any strategic planning exercise a success. These include: a) start with “Why?”; and b) bring in an objective and experienced consultant as a facilitator. But you'll need more than that to get the strategic planning process moving and maximizing its value to your organization. I found the following four articles from the Winter 2017 issue of the National Association of Mutual Insurers (NAMIC) magazine so interesting and applicable to the fraternal sector that I felt compelled to pass them on to you. Here’s a quick summary of each:
  • “Six Strategic Don’ts” is a must-read before you begin the strategic planning process because it will help you avoid the most frequently made mistakes that can derail the entire effort.
  • “The Phases” discusses how two comparatively equal mutuals partnered as a joint venture using the affiliation model. Are the lessons directly applicable to fraternals?  You bet.
  • “Creative Growth” focuses on strategic growth for small mutuals, again using an affiliation strategy. Can anyone say “shared services?”
  • “Keep It Simple” tells the story of a small, single-state mutual’s approach to strategic planning – different from its peers but one that works for the company and its employees.
I’m sure you have your own theories on strategic planning, or maybe even an article or two that you use as your company’s North Star. Feel free to share them by posting a comment or link to them here or on the Alliance’s social media sites…