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Fraternals and the Smithsonian: A Powerful Way to Tell Our Story

June 6, 2016
4woodmen markerI don’t know if you’ve all had a chance to read this recent bulletin, but I wanted to make sure that everyone in the fraternal community is aware of the exciting news about an upcoming exhibit at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History and our chance to play a part in it.  Later this year, the Smithsonian will open Giving in America, an exhibition exploring philanthropy’s connection to American ideas and ideals.  The 20-year changing exhibition will explore central questions about American giving and its impact on education, health, and the environment.  The Smithsonian curators believe that the story of fraternal giving needs to be collected, documented, studied, and disseminated as part of the American story. What an honor.  What an opportunity! NMAHCheck out the Alliance’s Bulletin for more information on the type of artifacts the museum’s curators are seeking to help tell our story.  Those interested in loaning items to the museum for this exhibit should send me a list of the artifacts and photos of them as soon as possible.  Alliance staff will be working with the Smithsonian to identify the items that will work best in the exhibit, and then get back to you with the details for collecting these items. We’ve got a history – and a future – that are worth sharing!