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Fraternals Rising…

September 5, 2017
Before the flood waters even started to recede, the Alliance’s five Texas-domiciled societies and dozens more with member networks in the Lone Star State were marshalling resources to provide help first to their members who were affected by Hurricane Harvey’s devastation and then to individuals in communities devastated by the flood waters. One Alliance member – the Catholic Union of Texas (KJT), in LaGrange, Texas – was directly impacted by the flood.  LaGrange is located halfway between Austin and Houston, and the storm raised river levels to their highest point in over a century.  While KJT’s offices were spared the worst of the flooding , the local Knights of Columbus Hall (see photo) – a venue that has served the community as a site of weddings, proms, and fundraisers for over 40 years – was underwater. But that hasn’t stopped the Knights or other fraternals from rolling up their sleeves, putting on their waders, and getting down to the business of helping those in need.  Several Texas-based societies with Catholic Common bonds – KJT, KJZT, and Catholic Life – along with KofC, are operating their own outreach efforts and coordinating with Catholic Charities.  SPJST and Hermann Sons Life are putting their extensive local chapter systems to work to deliver aid and assistance to folks hit hardest by the storm. On a national level, Thrivent, with a significant number of Texas members, is activating their community engagement teams in the state and working through national Lutheran organizations to increase the impact of their contributions.  Modern Woodmen of American and WoodmenLife, also with  large presences in Texas, are working with local and national faith-based groups and the American Red Cross. These societies and many others not listed here are rising to the occasion when the need is greatest.  It’s inspiring, and it’s what sets us apart from every other financial organization on the planet.  With their help, all the victims of Hurricane Harvey will rise up again… Left the house this morning Bells ringing filled the air Wearin' the cross of my calling On wheels of fire I come rollin' down here Come on up for the rising Come on up, lay your hands in mine Come on up for the rising Come on up for the rising tonight Bruce Springsteen “The Rising” At next week’s Annual Meeting, Alliance members will be able to contribute to the American Red Cross relief efforts to supplement the financial and on-the-ground contributions so many societies are making in Southeast Texas on a daily basis.