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Grab this Opportunity to Shine

October 31, 2011
“If people only knew who fraternals are and what we do, they’d beat a path to our door.” How many times have you said that to yourself or shared those feelings with your colleagues in the fraternal community? That’s part of the problem many societies face – we’re too modest about the valuable financial services we provide and the important community service contributions we make. And we tend to preach (and, frankly, complain) to the choir. Well, here is your chance to shine. Bill Coffin, editor of National Underwriter, regular reader of this blog, and dedicated blogger himself, has provided a golden opportunity for you to remove the bushel basket covering your society and tell your story to his readers. Check out Bill’s latest post entitled “Here Come the Good Guys” and you’ll see what I mean. OK, here’s your chance. Post a comment on Bill’s blog and let him – and his readers – know what the “good guy” things your society is doing. No excuses now. I’ll be watching Bill’s blog and expect to see plenty of fraternals represented there. I’ll keep you posted on the activity in future postings here.