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The Turkish Bazaar of Insurance Marketing

January 28, 2009

I write this from Orlando, Florida, site of the 2009 Inter-Company Marketing Group's (ICMG) Annual Meeting. ICMG brings insurance manufacturers and distributors together for a single purpose: to discuss ways to create alliances and partnerships that successfully market innovative products and services to well-defined target markets through the most effective distribution system.

It's really quite a remarkable meeting. Everyone knows why they are here - to make connections that enhance their businesses' bottom lines - and there are no shrinking violets in the bunch. Having recently visited Istanbul, the event does have the buzz of a Turkish bazaar - there are more than a few deals being made in the lobby.

Four NFCA members are attending this year's meeting. And I'd strongly encourage any member with an interest in growing sales and building successful alliances with distributors to seriously consider joining the ICMG and participating in next year's meeting. (For more information, visit www.icmg.org.)

While here, I am working to identify candidates for Associate Members of NFCA, seek out providers that may have an interest in working with fraternals, and search for experts in product development and distribution who can conduct Webinars and workshops at NFCA meetings. So far, it's been time well spent. We're arranging an ICMG-sponsored workshop on strategic marketing alliances at the NFCA Annual Meeting and have identified over a dozen organizations with a real interest in working with our members.

I want to do everything possible to make these groups aware of the potential marketing clout within the fraternal system. And getting out to meetings like the ICMG is one way of doing that. I'm here because an NFCA member who is involved with ICMG - Frank Osborn of Modern Woodmen of America - invited and encouraged me to attend. One of my primary responsibilities is telling the fraternal story to groups - both insurance and community service - who need to hear it. Who might some others be? I'd love to hear your suggestions.