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Joy to the World…

December 19, 2013
Here’s hoping that the waning days of 2013 will allow us to set aside our daily worries and cherish our blessings with family and friends.  Our sons and daughters-in-law will be home this weekend, so Christmas will come early for us this year.  Our family will celebrate by decorating Christmas cookies (our sons will be in a pitched battle to see just how much frosting a single sugar cookie can hold), eating at our favorite Chicago steak house (Gene & Georgetti), and bringing bags of burgers to our less fortunate brothers and sisters on lower Wacker Drive.  It will be just my wife and I on Christmas Day, so after church we plan to share in the joy of the season with our non-Christian friends by eating Chinese and going to the movies! joy All of us on the Alliance staff are so thankful for all of you – member societies, associate members, supporters of the fraternal system.  Without you, we wouldn’t be here and we love serving you through our advocacy, policy, education, and information efforts.  We’re particularly grateful for the wonderful gifts you’ve sent us; our cup truly runneth over with chocolate (although you know that doesn’t last long around here) and all kinds of other goodies that have added inches to our waistlines and points to our cholesterol level over the past few weeks.  Thankfully, the Affordable Care Act precludes health insurers from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, otherwise the entire staff would be rejected out of hand. goodies This will be the final posting for 2013.  I’ll be back after the New Year with some important information about the Alliance’s 2014 Strategic Plan and our new strategic alignment initiative.  We want you to know where we’re headed and, hopefully, help us get there. Welcome-to-the-New-Year-2014