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Meet Our Annual Meeting Guest Blogger...

September 9, 2016

Hello, fellow Fraternalists! Jill Regester here, Director of Marketing Communications for WoodmenLife. I have the honor and privilege of being this year’s guest blogger during the American Fraternal Alliance’s Annual Meeting.

Today, I had the pleasure of flying in to Nashville from our corporate headquarters in Omaha, Neb., with my friend and teammate, Mary Katherine Smith, President and Manager of RedBasket.org. It’s always fun coming to the south with a southerner (Mary Katherine grew up in Alabama), because they get their "southern" ON! They turn it up. The accent gets stronger. The inside voice gets a few octaves louder, and the "y’alls" come more frequently.

This year’s annual meeting is a special one for Mary Katherine and me because our boss, Pat Dees, Executive Vice President, Fraternal for WoodmenLife, is the current Chair of the Board of the American Fraternal Alliance. Did I mention that Pat is also from the south? I’m sure he’s been throwin’ out some “I’m fixin to”s and tellin’ people Jill is as “smart as all get out.” (:

I am personally excited about this year’s keynote speakers – Mr. Billy Beane, the Oakland A's Vice President & General Manager, and Linda Wertheimer, NPR Senior National Correspondent. I can’t wait to share my take-away nuggets from both of these speakers with you in my upcoming posts, so stay tuned!

Also on the agenda is the Alliance’s Grow Younger Task Force Innovation Forum, which is new this year. If you’ve ever watched a TED talk – well, we get to participate in our own version, for fraternals. What?!?

I’ll be back now, ya hear!