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More than halfway home – and one last appeal for your support…

March 5, 2018
Thanks to the generosity of dozens of Alliance members and my friends and family, I’m more than halfway to reaching my 2018 St. Baldrick’s fundraising goal of $7,500. And with a little over two weeks left before my March 23rd head shaving, I’m using this space to make one last appeal for your help in putting me over the top. As you know, I’m dedicating this year’s fundraising to Maddie Coyle, the 14-year-old daughter of my dear friend Bill, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The good news is that Maddie is responding well to the initial treatments and the outlook for a full recovery is positive. That means that Maddie has a great chance to start high school this fall as a healthy teenager, and that she and her family can look forward to a lifetime of wonderful memories. But that isn’t always the case with childhood cancer patients, which is exactly why the St. Baldrick’s Foundation exists. Since its inception, the Foundation has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in research grants that have enabled doctors to accelerate clinical trials, train the next generation of researchers, and support the dawn of immunotherapy – a new and promising weapon in the fight against cancer. At the same time, St. Baldrick’s has succeeded in gaining passage of legislation facilitating several new drugs and treatments for kids, and helping to improve survival and quality of life for pediatric cancer patients. That’s why I am once again – and for the final time in 2018 – asking for your generous support of my St. Baldrick’s fundraising campaign. Making a donation is easy. Just click on this link or call 888-899-BALD and use your credit card or make a pledge and send a check. Individual and corporate contributions are accepted and welcomed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.