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Short, sweet, and powerful…

January 28, 2019

This may be the shortest post in the history of the CEO blog, but also among the most powerful. It’s one that I hope will generate responses from you that can be shared with other societies. Here goes:

Based on extensive consumer research, one of LIMRA’s key 2019 predictions is (drumroll, please)…

  • Consumers will be increasingly more discriminating about the firms they choose to do business with, showing a preference for companies that are ethical, authentic, and committed to social good.

That, my friends, is us. My questions to you in response to this finding are:

  • What are you doing to demonstrate your ethical and authentic commitment to social good to your current members and, more importantly, to all those folks out there who aren’t members but should be?
  • How are you engaging your field force in these efforts?
  • Are you utilizing the Alliance’s branding materials – which address these specific characteristics – to help you accomplish this?

Don’t just talk amongst yourselves; share your thoughts and comments with me in an email at jannotti@fraternalalliance.org so I can post them in a future blog.