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Spotlight on Member Societies

November 10, 2014
I’ve spent the last few weeks writing about politics, legislation, and regulation – everyone’s favorite subjects. This week I’d like to turn it over to the members and share a few stories with you about how they are affecting their environment, serving their members, and enhancing the quality of life in communities across the country…
  • Sons of Norway – This society is embracing the Alliance’s “Adopt-a-Member-of-Congress” program like no other. Check out the link to President Eivind Heiberg’s blogs to learn more about Rep. Erik Paulsen’s recent visit to Sons of Norway headquarters and see how one society can make an enormous difference in the debate over the future of the fraternal tax exemption. Thanks to Eivind and the entire Sons of Norway staff for this terrific effort!
  • Degree of Honor – Of all the member societies that attended “We Day” in 2014, Degree of Honor employees were the most enthusiastic about the potential for working with this group to improve the quality and quantity of the society’s fraternal outreach programs. DOH staff will be active participants in the 2014 “We Day” on November 12 in St. Paul, MN, and will be celebrating the fact that the society’s youth group, “Power of We,” earned admission to the event through their volunteer activities in the community. Take a look at this bulletin to learn more about how DOH is working with the “We Day” folks and whether such a partnership may make sense for your organization. I’m looking forward to hearing from Michelle Alberg later this week to hear how things went.
  • Modern Woodmen of America – This society took a headline (“When does 1 equal 76?”) from my blog posting on the study of fraternals’ economic and social impact in the U.S. done by Professor Phil Swagel of the University of Maryland and incorporated it into their congressional outreach program. Check out the cover letter that Modern Woodmen representatives sent to members of Congress with a significant number of society members in their districts. They supplemented the letter with state-specific information on Modern Woodmen fraternal and community service activities in the state, as well as with the executive summary of the Swagel study. Hats off to Jill Weaver for coordinating the extraordinary grassroots outreach campaign.
Doing something you think others in the fraternal system should know about? Tell me about it by posting a comment here, on the Alliance’s Facebook page, or by sending an email to jannotti@fraternalalliance.org.