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Taking a mini blog break…

October 1, 2010

I’ll be taking a short blog vacation next week… so you’ll have a little quiet time to yourselves.  To be honest, I always write this blog, but I’m a bit technically challenged… and a certain staff person (ahem), who posts and sends this out for me, is going to be out of the country getting married next week.  I guess there isn’t Internet access in Jamaica, huh Rose?  Just kidding…

In the spirit of the NFCA changing its name to the American Fraternal Alliance, our Director of Public Affairs Rose Riccetti also will be changing her name… to Rose Andrikos, on October 8.  There’s dedication for you.  Swept away with the concept of rebranding!

So when the honeymoon’s over (just the literal one), the blog will return…  ‘Til then, talk amongst yourselves.