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Thanksgiving - A Time to Slow Down and Reflect...Then Eat a Little...All Right a Lot

November 26, 2013
Thanksgiving 3Yet another year has begun to wind down to its close with the start of the holidays. But before we get all wrapped-up in holiday preparations, (Hint: Don’t fear the bird…just put it in the oven) let’s take a moment to stop and reflect. Let’s put off mentally steeling ourselves for the arguments over dinner that come with the extended family we only see once a year or mapping our plan of attack for Black Friday Sales (Now Thursday…sad…but I digress), to take a minute to just be still and reflect on all those things that have made this an amazing year. Let’s give thanks for our blessings, the good friends and family that help us get through the tough spots and a say a little prayer for those who may not have it so good. Thanksgiving 5 We can all be proud and thankful that we work in an industry that can humbly claim that our focus is “less about who we are than what we do.” By our very nature we give back to our communities and that is something for which we can be both proud and thankful. On behalf of the staff of the American Fraternal Alliance, we wish you and yours a truly blessed holiday!