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The Members Speak

June 13, 2012
For the past five years, the Alliance has conducted a membership satisfaction survey. The survey is sent to the CEO of each member society.  Senior executives from about half of the Alliance member societies have responded to our recent membership satisfaction survey and a summary of their feedback follows. And while a 50% response rate makes the results "statistically accurate," we won't be satisfied until we hear from every member. So thanks to those of you who have completed the questionnaire and a fair warning to those who haven't - you'll be hearing from us soon and you know how persistent we can be. In the meantime, here are the highlights so far: Most important member benefits: 91% rate "fraternal industry info" as important (9%), very important (38%), or essential (44%).  "Educational Programs" came in second at 88%. "Advocacy/public policy” came in at 84% (although 50% rated this as "essential"). And "Networking" came in at 78%. 94% of respondents said they were satisfied with the Alliance's ability to develop sound tax policy, while 78% said they were satisfied with the Alliance's ability to develop sound solvency regulation. 90% said that they were satisfied with the Alliance's ability to offer opportunities for member input on public policy issues. The top 4 reasons for visiting the Alliance's website were:
  • Check meeting and program details
  • Search for industry news and information
  • President's Blog
  • Search for legislative/regulatory information
Greatest interest in potential Alliance programs:
  • Enterprise risk management education program
  • Educational portal to access videos of Alliance Section and Annual Meeting workshops
  • Media training workshops
  • Cyber liability insurance program
94% of members are satisfied with the Alliance's overall performance. We'll provide you a comprehensive list of the results (as soon as we get responses from more members) and, more importantly, what action we plan to take based on your society’s feedback. But what about you? What is the most valuable benefit you receive from your trade association? What benefit(s) would you like to see added?