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The power of “connection”…

April 9, 2018
In 2017, the Alliance “reinvented” its Section Meetings by combining them into the Spring Symposium – separate education tracks for separate disciplines conducted concurrently in one location. To say it was a hit is an understatement. In the conference evaluations, members told us that they LOVED:
  • The Chicago location, which was drivable for many members and a non-stop flight away for everyone else;
  • The meeting schedule that packed six separate educational sessions into one-and-a-half-days;
  • The program format that allowed registrants to attend the sessions in their particular discipline – communications and community engagement; business operations and compliance; investment; and actuarial – and afforded them the chance to participate in other tracks that interested them;
  • The affordable registration cost that allowed more societies to send multiple attendees to the conference;
But by far, the most popular feature of the Symposium was the ability to connect with peers and colleagues from the fraternal community, to share ideas, compare notes, and discuss new ways to serve members and grow our businesses. It is that “power of connection” that distinguishes the fraternal community from our commercial colleagues. I spent 25 years working for the nation’s largest commercial property/casualty insurers and know from experience that executives from these companies go to meetings with the express intent of not sharing anything that could help their competitors. That’s just not the case with fraternals, who attend Alliance meetings to not only learn from executives of other societies, but to share with them the ideas, tactics and strategies that are helping to make their society more efficient, effective, profitable, and community-oriented. This year’s Spring Symposium will build on the success of last year’s maiden conference by bringing a wildly diverse group of fraternal executives together to discuss the most important issues affecting their societies and their members. Topics include everything from cybersecurity regulatory compliance to measuring member engagement, to re-thinking asset portfolios based on new bond ratings, to implementing accelerated underwriting programs. There will also be some new session formats designed to give you new perspectives on familiar issues, and roundtables so you can discuss solutions to your common challenges with your colleagues. Here is a link to the Spring Symposium program and registration information. Dozens of members have already registered for the event. We hope you’ll join them for what is fast becoming one of the Alliance’s signature education programs.