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The Yin and the Yang of Christmas

December 22, 2014
Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. For some reason, this old chestnut popped into my head when contemplating writing about Christmas. Why? Because, ask anyone what they love about the season; then ask someone else what bugs them most about this time of year and chances are, you’ll often find the same answer given for both questions. yin yang cropped LOVE:  The Christmas music! Its beauty just gets to me every year. HATE:  The endless Christmas music! When will it stop? (Seriously…if I hear Jingle Bell Rock one more time, I can’t be held responsible for my actions.) LOVE:  A good snowfall around the holidays that is really icing on the cake! HATE:  Having to travel in such dangerous and unpredictable weather! LOVE:  Seeing loved ones faces when they open that special present! HATE:  Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! What a pain! LOVE:  The glorious and traditional holiday foods and treats! HATE:  Those 9 pounds I add every year! LOVE:  Hearing how old friends are and what they have been doing this past year! HATE:  Those cheesy Christmas letters we get in Christmas cards. LOVE:  Being with my family. HATE:  Being with my family! It just goes to show that we are all different.  And thank goodness for that. Maybe you’re one who loves everything about this time of year. Wonderful! Maybe you are one who is “over it already.” That’s too bad. It’s easy to see why this happens.  With the urgency to prepare to create the PERFECT holiday coming at you from all directions beginning in mid-October now, our expectations for what makes a good Christmas have become unreal. I guess the secret is to discover what thing or things have the most meaning for you this season. What, if it were gone tomorrow, would you really regret not experiencing again, and focus all your holiday energy into living that part to the fullest. Actually, that’s not a bad daily mantra either. That is our Christmas wish for you. Have a great holiday and a wonderful New Year!