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Transformational change is the right thing for the Alliance…

January 3, 2017
There were lots of new faces – and plenty of never-been-used sneakers – at the gym this morning.  It’s the annual ritual of people trying to make good on their New Year’s resolutions to live a little healthier.  Ninety-eight percent of them will be gone by Valentine’s Day.  Which will make it easier for those who are truly committed to transforming themselves to find a free elliptical, stationary bike, or treadmill. gymI make the same resolution every year.  It’s one I was taught by a very wise person in 1989 – which was the year my personal transformation began – and it goes like this: “Do the right thing at the next opportunity.” It’s remarkable simplicity makes it easy to both remember and apply.  It acknowledges my imperfections (because heaven knows I don’t always do the right thing), and allows me to correct them (because there is always a “next opportunity.”) In 2017, doing the “right thing” for the Alliance means working with the Board to bring transformational change to the organization.  Transformational change involves initiatives that fundamentally and permanently alter the way the Alliance operates and serves its members.  At its core, transformational change is driven by the reality that “business as usual” is no longer the best way to provide our members the services and benefits they want and need. It will take hard work, courage, and the full engagement of the Alliance’s Board of Directors. It will touch everything we do – from advocacy, to education, to information, to networking. It means that all options for making the Alliance more viable and more valuable to its members have to be identified and considered. It means that the Board will have to create a vision for the future of the organization and develop a specific plan to make that vision a reality. That’s a big task, and an important one. From this CEO’s perspective, nothing could be more exciting. Next week’s post: Is transformational change in your society’s future?