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Two events that show the power and passion of fraternals…

May 7, 2018
It seems I’ve been on the road constantly over the past few weeks, traveling from coast-to-coast to participate in the Alliance’s Executive Summit, the National Association of Fraternal Insurance Counselors (NAFIC) Annual Meeting, and the Pennsylvania Fraternal Alliance (PFA) Legislative Day, among other events. I blogged last week about the impact of the Executive Summit, both in terms of the quality of the education sessions and networking opportunities it offered members, and the incredible response we had from lawmakers and their staff on our Capitol Hill visits. But the NAFIC Annual Meeting and the PFA’s Legislative Day were equally demonstrative of the power and passion of the fraternal community. The NAFIC event brought together almost 200 field representatives from a wide variety of Alliance member societies for a day-and-a-half of thought-provoking general sessions and workshops. Joe Jordan, a former life insurance company executive and field representative, gave an extraordinarily moving keynote address on the noble role that agents have in securing the financial futures of their clients and helping them to lead “lives of significance” through their participation in community service activities. If you didn’t feel good about who we are and what we do before Joe’s remarks, you certainly did afterwards. NAFIC members also learned how to become a “social media rock star” from Spencer Smith, another former life insurance industry executive who understands the importance of connecting with the next generation of fraternal members in an increasingly electronic world. Smith’s comments were particularly timely as they came in the wake of the LIMRA Life Insurance Conference, where top executives from the nation’s leading insurers emphasized the need to connect with consumers using social media platforms. PFA’s Legislative Day took place under the ornate dome of the state capitol building in Harrisburg, PA. The annual event attracts dozens of executives from Pennsylvania-domiciled fraternals and, more importantly, many state legislators who stop by to connect with constituents on their way to and from committee meetings. Each year the PFA honors one lawmaker for his or her commitment to the fraternal community and this year the recipient was Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski. The PFA event is one of the best ways state fraternal alliance’s can demonstrate the value and viability of the fraternal community to state lawmakers. If your fraternal alliance is interested in conducting one of these events, please contact me at jannotti@fraternalalliance.org and we’ll provide some tips to get you started. [ess_grid settings='{"entry-skin":"1","layout-sizing":"boxed","grid-layout":"even","spacings":"2","rows-unlimited":"off","columns":"2","rows":"2","grid-animation":"fade","use-spinner":"-1"}' layers='{"custom-image":{"00":"12796","01":"12791","02":"12790","03":"12789"},"custom-type":{"00":"image","01":"image","02":"image","03":"image"},"use-skin":{"00":"-1","01":"-1","02":"-1","03":"-1"},"title":{"00":"Legislative luncheon","02":"Lt. Mike Stack speaking with Larry Golofski (FCSLA)","03":"Eddie Day Pashinski receiving recognition for his contributions to the fraternal community."}}'][/ess_grid]