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Spring Symposium Fraternal Branding Workshop

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2018 Spring Symposium Education Sponsors

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Spring Symposium Fraternal Branding Workshop May 22, 2018 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Loews Chicago O'Hare Plan now to attend this half-day, interactive workshop preceding the 2018 Spring Symposium that will help you learn new ways to implement the new fraternal brand into your society's marketing and communications activities. Open to the staff members and representatives of participating societies, this event will be led by the Alliance's branding consultant and the creators of the new fraternal brand, Maddock Douglas. What This Workshop Will Cover: 

  • More Information on How to Incorporate the Brand into Your Marketing Efforts
  • Ideas for Getting Your Agents to Adopt the Brand
  • Marketing Basics for Weaving the Brand into Your Communications Efforts
  • More on the Segments
  • Interactive Work and Networking with Your Peers
Price for this intensive workshop is only $59 per person and includes a working lunch. Don't miss this event! Make your plans to arrive early for 2018 Symposium in Chicago and remember to add this session on to your registration.


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